Brett Favre, Whom Carson Wentz Admired Growing Up, Thinks Eagles Should Have Kept Nick Foles

Photo credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Foles is a Philadelphia Eagles legend, but he’s not coming back, and never was. The Birds were never going to keep him over Carson Wentz, but some people can’t let it go, and it appears as though Brett Favre has outed himself as a member of the Folesian Society:

We’ve been over this a million times before, and I explained it in a recent column titled The Eagles Were Never Keeping Nick Foles Over Carson Wentz, so it’s Time to Move on Forever.

I’ll repeat:

“They were never going to keep the older guy over the younger guy, because they thought they had a 26-year-old  franchise quarterback in the latter. With an age difference of four years, and a pre-injury MVP-level highlight reel on the resume, the Birds decided to extend Carson and allow Nick to get his deserved pay day in Jacksonville.

The lingering issue is that people simply cannot make peace with the fact that the Eagles were never going to keep Foles. They can’t move on. You’re arguing for something that had 0% chance of happening, which brings us now to the football equivalent of exhumation, only without the dead bodies. We’ve already put a bow on Nick’s legacy in Philadelphia. We need to appreciate his legendary playoff run, archive it, stuff it into the annals of Eagles history, and LEAVE IT FUCKING BE.

The problem with the “Folesian society” is that they feel this incessant need to re-litigate something that was never a discussion in the first place. It was always going to be Wentz over Foles, and no amount of stuffing the square peg into the round hole of hindsight is going to change that.”

Again, the Folesian Society might be correct. The Eagles may very well have been better off keeping Foles over Wentz. But the point is that it was never under consideration, and therefore we’ve wrapped up the topic forever and moved on to other things, like complaining about the Sixers’ new black uniforms.

Food for thought: