Cowboys’ Mike McCarthy Says Disastrous Fake Punt was “a Solid Play Call”

Thursday evening, we witnessed one of the biggest atrocities ever committed on a football field.

It was Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Football Team, a Thanksgiving BATTLE for first place in the NFC East. Down four points and backed up in their own territory with 12:23 on the clock, the Cowboys could have punted the ball away and tried to flip the field.

Instead, they decided to try a fake punt, and this happened:


That has to be a top-five worst fake punt in NFL history. Not only did it fail to move the sticks on 4th and 10, but it actually resulted in a yardage loss. Cedrick Wilson did not even make it back to the line of scrimmage. The punter did not even attempt to throw a block and instead let the eventual tackler, Khaleke Hudson, just shuffle right into the backfield to make the stop.

It looks insane when you take the NextGen graphic and focus on #1 in blue, who just drifts over to the right and does absolutely nothing:

After the game, Mike McCarthy, who was accused by Shannon Sharpe recently of being racially insensitive after smashing some watermelon, said this about the play:

Outrageous. Embarrassing! Could you imagine if the Eagles ran this play?

Anyway, good morning. The Washington Football Team leads the NFC East with a 4-7 record.


The more I watch this, it had to be a pass, right? Surely the punter would not just leave a dude unblocked on a running pay that brought the ball carrier 15 yards behind the line of scrimmage.

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