Donovan McNabb Thinks Carson Wentz is “Trying to do Too Much,” but Doesn’t See a QB Change on the Horizon

Photo credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Alright, that’s enough politics for one day.

Let’s get it back to the Eagles, and Carson Wentz, who struggled with four turnovers in Sunday night’s win over the pitiful Dallas Cowboys.

Donovan McNabb, the best quarterback in franchise history, was recently on CBS Sports Radio and had this to say about the Birds’ current #1 QB:

“It seems he’s trying to do too much, and he’s trying to put too much pressure on his shoulders because of the situation around him.”

Correctamundo. It’s just an overcompensation, an overcorrection like we’ve never seen before. He’s overcompensated so much for the lack of personnel that he’s now stuck and can’t undercompensate, if that’s a word. He’s locked into this hero ball mentality and can’t seem to get out of it, even though he’s got some legitimate pieces out there now in Travis Fulgham, Greg Ward, and Jalen Reagor. Dallas Goedert is healthy, too. The injury situation is improving, and now the QB needs to follow suit.

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