It wasn’t quite as bad as watching Joe Jurevicius streaking down the field in the playoffs, but Sione Takitaki carrying Sunday’s pick into the end zone was a barf-worthy Eagles moment.

Carson Wentz took a hit while releasing that ill-advised swing pass, but in the discussion regarding whether or not he had a wide-open Jalen Reagor to his left, Doug Pederson said this Monday:

“Part of that protection, obviously the tight ends have to be aware of, especially on the nub side like that, to be aware of DBs coming off the edge. It’s unfortunate that that happened, and we just missed. Saw him late and tried to get a hand on him, but by then it was too late. He hit Carson.

I do think that Carson did have an opportunity. I haven’t spoken to Carson yet today. I’ll see him here in a little bit. Haven’t had a chance to talk to him about that play. It appeared that he had Jalen, like right now off of the play fake, and possibly could have completed that pass before the hit.”

Baldy talked about this in his Monday breakdown.

He thought Reagor was open at this spot right here:

Reagor is definitely open. He’s got his head turned. He’s looking. Wentz should be able to loop one right over the linebacker or put that on the outside shoulder, away from the safety, who is seven yards away.

Could have been a first down gain. Instead it resulted in a play that makes us want to gouge our eyes out.