Nice scoop here from NBC Sports Philadelphia’s John Clark:

“Jason Peters will be moving to right guard and Jordan Mailata will be moving back to left tackle, sources tell NBC Sports Philadelphia. 

I’m told Peters has been giving it his all and has been playing through turf toe. It got aggravated when he was rolled up on in Cleveland. It is his point foot, his left foot, which is so important for a left tackle.”

Well whatever with the injury. The Bodyguard is always injured.

What’s important is that this move allows the Eagles to get their best five available linemen on the field, in a configuration that looks like this:

  • Jordan Mailata – left tackle
  • Isaac Seumalo – left guard
  • Jason Kelce – center
  • Jason Peters – right guard
  • Lane Johnson – right tackle


That’s it. That is a better setup than Peters at left tackle, Matt Pryor at right guard, and Jordan Mailata on the bench.

As a reminder, for the 400th time, Jason Peters came back this season to play right guard. The only reason he started the season at left tackle is because Andre Dillard was injured and ruled out. He asked for more money to make that switch and the Eagles complied.

But when the opportunity came for Mailata to go in at left tackle, he performed admirably and has been more than steady over there. He’s a 23-year-old tackle of the future and needs games to build on his experience, so this is the perfect time to get him up to speed and turn him into a true pro. Peters can go back over to right guard, finish the year, retire, and then enter the Hall of Fame.

Credit to the Eagles for doing what they should have done two weeks ago.