Flyers Bring Back the Burnt Orange with “Reverse Retro” Jersey

These jerseys leaked a few weeks ago, but Monday the Flyers officially unveiled their 2021 Adidas “Reverse Retro” jawns.

Here’s an actual human being wearing the uniform:

I’m looking forward to Valerie Camillo’s interview with Uni Watch, aren’t you? We can talk about these uniforms and whether or not they properly represent the BLUE COLLAR nature of Philadelphia.

But seriously, I kind of like these. I’m partially colorblind, so take my judgment with a grain of salt, but black, orange, and white always looks sharp in any configuration.

Here’s part of the press release:

The Flyers’ Reverse Retro jersey draws from the uniform style the team predominantly wore from 1982 through 2007, featuring a solid color treatment across the shoulders that extends to halfway down the sleeve and a contrasting-colored main body, separated by a third color of pinstriping. The Flyers introduced this jersey style in 1982 with an orange-shouldered white jersey for home games and a white-shouldered orange jersey for road games, both with black pinstriping and black lower sleeves.

In 1997, the Flyers introduced a third jersey that switched the orange of their road jersey to black, retaining orange only in the pinstriping.  The orange version of the jersey was retired in 2001, and the Flyers used the white and black versions through the end of the 2006-07 season.

The Reverse Retro jersey follows the spirit of the adidas color-remix program by taking the color treatments of the 1982-2007 uniform and rearranging them into a brand-new version. The black moves to the shoulders, which was not done in any of the iterations of the 1982-2007 jersey. The main orange body from the road jerseys of the era returns to this new design, and the two sections are separated by a white pinstripe, something never before used in that manner.

These are now available for pre-sale at

On December 1st, you’ll be able to buy them at the New Era Team Store at the Wells Fargo Center. Season ticket holders will get exclusive store access prior to the general public.

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