Guy Who Filmed and Narrated Viral Wawa Fight Video Says Altercation Started Over Door Etiquette

Last week, we were blessed with one of the greatest video clips ever filmed.

Originating from a Fort Lauderdale-area Wawa, we watched two grown men, with their pants falling down, fight each other inside the store in the middle of the night. The narrator, Darien, who goes by “D dollaz” on social media, gave us hilarious and captivating play-by-play of the incident, which was more enthusiastic and exciting than anything you’re getting on a professional sports broadcast these days, save for maybe a Kevin Harlan or Gus Johnson call.

Anyway, Darien was on 97.5 the Fanatic last week, but I completely missed it. My bad. But he appeared on Preston and Steve Monday morning and explained that the fight began due to a door holding situation:

“The guy whose pants were down opened up the door. I don’t know what was wrong with that, but the (other) guy wasn’t feeling it. He was like, ‘nah don’t do that again.’ And I was like, ‘oh snap, okay.’ (Most people) would just keep on moving and keep going about their night, but I guess he started messing with him in the line again, the same guy whose pants were down, he stood in front of him so he couldn’t pay for his stuff. After that he didn’t waste no time, he just took right off.”

Alright, so listen, I don’t know why the guy would have a problem with somebody opening the door for you. That’s not specifically a Wawa behavior, it’s just a general practice you learn as a kid. It’s common courtesy to open the door for somebody else if you are there.

Darien told Preston and Steve that he made sure he didn’t film either gentleman’s private parts, and was thankful he only got some butt in his video.

More of the story:

“I guess he knew that it was over by now. He just started running. That’s when he realized his pants were down and he finally pulled them up.”

Here’s the video once again, because it’s worth watching, over and over:

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