…to show support for his favorite team, Jimmy Kimmel wore a Mets hat on his show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Thursday night. Kimmel also spoke with guest Joe Biden, the former vice president of the United States and current frontrunner to win the Democratic presidential nomination. Biden poked fun at Kimmel’s Mets hat and brought out a hat of his own.

Kimmel teased Biden about the Phillies hat, as his Mets are a division rival.

“This is not the way to win voters, Mr. Vice President,” Kimmel said.

“But it’s the way to be able to sleep with my wife,” Biden responded. “She’s a Philly girl. If I weren’t into the Phillies, I’d be out of luck, man.”

Correct answer! Your wife is always right, so it’s best to follow the path of least resistance towards a happy marriage.

Also check this out:

Joe Biden is a Phillies fan. His wife is a Phillies fan.

Therefore, the president-elect should do the right thing, and reject the Washington Nationals’ invitation to throw out the first pitch. He should politely tell them to fuck off.