Jon Rahm Hits One of the Most Ridiculous Golf Shots You Will Ever See

The COVID Masters begins this week, moved to November as a result of the global pandemic.

Today the golfers are playing their first practice round, and Jon Rahm hit one of the most outrageous shots you will ever see:

Insane. That’s a one-in-a-bazillion type of shot.

For background here, there’s a tradition where the golfers “skip” balls across the pond at the 16th hole during the practice rounds. Fans Patrons are usually sitting on the hill nearby and it’s just a quirky thing they do every year for fun. You hit your tee shot, then walk forward to the rough and hit another shot where you try to skim the ball over the pond and onto the green.

If fans patrons were actually allowed to see this in person, the place would have exploded. Instead, we’ll just have to appreciate the ridiculousness of the shot without any kind of live reaction.