NBA Draft: Sixers’ Scouting Staff Worked Quickly to Bring Decision Maker Daryl Morey Up to Speed

Oh yeah, the NBA draft is this week.

The Sixers select 21st overall, then they have four second rounders they can keep or trade.

Interestingly enough, President of Basketball Operations Daryl Morey hasn’t used a first round draft pick in more than five years, when the Rockets took Sam Dekker out of Wisconsin back in 2015. He’s traded pretty much everything away since then, which makes you wonder how his philosophies will interface with those of Elton Brand and his new colleagues in Philadelphia.

Make no mistake, Morey will have the final say on Wednesday night, as confirmed by VP of Scouting Vince Rozman, who spoke to reporters Monday via Zoom call.

“With regards to draft night, obviously, Daryl, is, you know, President of Basketball Operations and he’s going to be (the decision maker),” Rozman said. “I think Elton and Coach Rivers are also like very key to his world right now. So I think those guys are going to work together and we as a scouting staff are going to get them all the information they need to make whatever decision comes our way.”

Rozman noted that he’s led most of the draftee interviews, with Bluecoats GM Matt Lilly being involved alongside the scouting staff. It’s been a unique process due to COVID-19 and the fluid calendar the NBA has been working with.

The group hasn’t had a lot of time to really dig in with Morey due to the newness of his arrival, but so far so, good.

“I think the one thing that immediately comes through with Daryl is kind of the pace at which he works,” Rozman explained. “And, you know, trying to keep up with that. I think we’ve still got a couple days to go. It’s hard to say right now where exactly his head is and how he’s going to view those five picks. I think where I’m happy is that our scouting staff was was on the ready and once we got Daryl on board, I think we quickly were able to prepare him on where we were on all of these (possible draft picks). I think our goal was to catch him up on these guys as quick as possible.”

Time wasn’t necessarily on the Sixers’ side in this scenario, but Rozman reiterated that the scouting staff did not feel overwhelmed or unprepared following Morey’s addition, noting that Morey and the existing staff ‘tend to think similarly on players.’ The process of informing the decision makers didn’t change, they’re just communicating with a new group.

“There’s not a newness,” Rozman added. “You know, it kind of feels as we’re arguing through concepts or players or what have you, like we’ve been in that room together years already. I think Daryl is very eager to learn from people and to get their opinions and to help utilize his staff to form his own opinion and I think it’s been great, honestly. I’m excited going forward. I think the rapport has been awesome. It’s been a fun experience.”

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