The New York Giants fired offensive line coach Marc Colombo on Wednesday.

Why? They ran for a bazillion yards against the Eagles on Sunday and that line is playing much better in recent weeks. Apparently they were going to bring in somebody to be his assistant, and that didn’t sit well with him.

But that’s a sidebar/whatever part of the story. The juicy bit was when Jason McIntyre of Fox Sports said Colombo got into fisticuffs with head coach Joe Judge:

Giants coaches punching each other? Dysfunction in the ranks?

Love it, but unfortunately this does not appear to be true. Mike Garafolo and a slew of reporters are coming out to refute the story.


Mind you, this is the same Colombo who played for the Bears, Cowboys, and Dolphins. He’s 6’8″ and has to be at least 300 pounds. Judge played football and is no pushover, but if he got into a fight with Colombo he would probably be squashed like a bug considering the fact that the latter is just a massive human being. It would have been the shortest fist fight ever.

Unfortunately this fist fight story is not the true. We were hoping for another Les Bowen and Jeff McLane situation.