NFL Moves Ravens/Steelers Game, Leaving us with Worst Thanksgiving Slate Ever

Photo Credit: Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

This seemed inevitable, and the reasons for doing it are based on health and safety, but moving the Ravens/Steelers game off of Thanksgiving presents us with the worst slate ever.

Due to COVID, this game will now be played on Sunday, leaving us with Cowboys vs. Washington and Lions vs. Texans as Thursday’s games. These are four teams with a combined record of 13 wins and 27 losses.

Ian Rapoport with some news:

I don’t blame them for being upset. They’ve been dicked a couple times this year, first when their bye week was moved and then again now with this game being pushed back at 24 hours notice. Meantime, San Francisco was facing the same issue as Baltimore but had to play their Thursday night game with a lot of guys missing, resulting in them getting walloped. It’s almost like the NFL is being inconsistent here! (duh)

Here’s one of Pittsburgh’s stars explaining it:

Pittsburgh keeps having to face the consequences of other people not being able to do their part and stay safe. Kind of like how the Marlins screwed over the Phillies and other teams at the beginning of the baseball season with their ridiculous negligence.

In a weird way, I’m pulling for the Steelers to run the table, just because I’d like to them shove it in Baltimore and Tennessee faces and rip off what would be an incredible achievement.

Let’s go Yinzers?

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