My Crossing Broad colleagues like this story. I hate it. I’m doing it in protest.

Here’s Sam Hinkie sliding into Daryl Morey’s post-draft press conference on Wednesday night/Thursday morning:

Cool? Yeah I guess. Morey was Hinkie’s mentor and blah blah. We’ve come full circle in Philadelphia.

The reason I’m doing the story in protest is because seriously who cares about Sam Hinkie? The guy hasn’t been here in almost half a decade. The Process is over. Bryan Colangelo and Elton Brand messed it up, which was a shame. Hinkie didn’t get to finish the job, so we’ll forever be asking ourselves “what if?” What if the powers that be did not put the kibosh on the rebuild back in 2016?

Build the Hinkie statue outside of the Camden practice facility, next to Billy Cunningham and Dr. J.