Sixers Trading Josh Richardson to Dallas for Seth Curry

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

From Shams:

And then Woj had the details about three minutes later. Both of these guys have been on absolute fire tonight:

Shooting. They added more shooting. Dallas needed a two-way guard who can give them some bite on the perimeter, so the trade I think makes sense for both teams.

Curry is a career 44.3% three point shooter who had a really nice year in Dallas, scoring 12.4 points in about 24 minutes per game. He was 45.2% from three this season on 5.0 attempts per game and makes about $8 million a year on a contract that has three years remaining. He’s also married to Doc Rivers’ daughter, so there you go. Doc coached his son in LA and will now coach his son-in-law in Philly.

Let’s check in with J Rich:

Bummer. He played hard here and said the right things, just feel like Dallas is a better fit for him than Philadelphia right now.

Daryl Morey has basically undone Elton Brand’s entire 2019 offseason in one night.

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