The San Francisco 49ers are Now the Arizona 49ers

COVID-19 continues to present us with one of the weirdest and most baffling NFL seasons of all time. Sunday, we had the Broncos playing a practice squad receiver at quarterback, against a team that was starting a glorified tight end under center. We’ve got Steelers/Ravens postponed multiple times and now today we get this:

What happened is that Santa Clara County, where the Niners play, put an end to all contact sports a few days ago. Head coach Kyle Shanahan wasn’t happy about that, explaining that he felt slighted because the local government didn’t communicate with the team and give them a heads up that they wouldn’t even be able to play in their home stadium, empty or not.

Here’s part of the statement from the team:

“The Cardinals organization, State Farm Stadium and League officials have been supportive and accommodating as we work through the many logistical issues involved in relocating NFL games.

“Information regarding the 49ers future practice arrangements will be shared at the appropriate time.”

They can’t even practice in Santa Clara, from what we understand.

And just so we’re keeping track, right now the schedule is as such:

  • December 7th: Bills at Niners, in Glendale (Monday Night Football)
  • December 13th: Washington Football Team at Niners, in Glendale
  • December 20th: Niners at Cowboys
  • December 27th: Niners at Cardinals, in Glendale as the road team
  • January 3rd: Niners hosting the Seahawks (no location right now)

So as it stands, San Francisco will play out their schedule with three games in Glendale, one in Dallas, and the fifth currently does not have a location. In addition, the Cardinals play at home on Sunday, 12/6, before going out to New York, so we’re gonna see two games in two days on the grass inside that stadium.

It’s not ideal, and you gotta feel for these dudes, who will be away from their families for a large chunk of time right around the holidays.

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