The Vikings Pretty Much Laughed when the Eagles Passed on Justin Jefferson to Draft Jalen Reagor

We did a column the other day about Jalen Reagor and Justin Jefferson, comparing them to Brandon Graham and Earl Thomas, respectively.

The gist was that Jefferson is a stud but we can’t pass judgment on Reagor right now. The guy has been injured and hasn’t had much of a chance to prove himself in the NFL. Any definitive statements would be pointless at this juncture.

We did, however, rule that the Eagles totally missed on Jefferson, because two things can be true at the same time. And it would appear as though the Minnesota Vikings were somewhat shocked to see Jefferson fall to them at #22, based a video that recently surfaced, sourced to the Vikings app, showing their front office reaction to Philly’s Reagor selection at #21 overall:

They pretty much laughed at it.

“Get Justin Jefferson on the clock right now.”

“I’m on it.”

That’s head coach Mike Zimmer, GM Rick Spielman, and Director of College Scouting Jamaal Stephenson in the video. The woman’s voice is that of Player Personnel Manager Kelly Kleine. Zimmer correctly thought the Eagles would take a receiver, but they all seemed surprised that it was Reagor and not Jefferson, who already has more than 750 yards and three touchdowns this year.

Again, this is not to say that Reagor is a bust. He could very well go on to be a fantastic pro player. We can, however, raise concerns about the Eagles’ talent evaluation, or lack thereof.

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