This Video Perfectly Articulates Carson Wentz’s Struggles

Photo credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Ever heard of Brett Kollmann?

He runs The Film Room channel on Youtube and does these quality video breakdowns on various NFL topics. Former NFL Network employee, too.

This week he’s focused on Carson Wentz, and identifies three issues with his play right now – mechanics, hero ball, and Doug Pederson. These are items that Eagles fans and Philly sports media members have discussed ad nauseam for the better part of two seasons now, but Kollman does a really nice breakdown here in putting Carson’s struggles into very simple terms that we can all understand:

The “overstriding” explanation makes a lot of sense. He does have a really wide base when he pushes that front foot forward, which results in accuracy issues. And the note about the direction of his toe is another good mechanics tidbit.

Great video. Somewhat depressing in a way, but it dives deeper into a lot of the plays and a lot of the ideas we’ve been discussing all season long.

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