Tom Brady Suffers Worst Loss Ever, But He is Definitely Not “Washed”

Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Brady completed 22 of 38 passes on Sunday night for zero touchdowns and three interceptions. The Bucs’ went on to lose 38-3 at home to New Orleans, which was Brady’s worst loss ever, eclipsing a 31-0 shutout against Buffalo way back in 2003.

He DID shake Drew Bress’ hand after the game, in case you’re wondering. It seems like Nick Foles is only guy who can’t get any respect, for whatever reason. It’s so weird.

To put things in perspective, the 2020 Saints are the first division opponent to sweep Tom Brady, EVER. That’s incredible. He played 20 years in the AFC East and not once did the Bills, Jets, or Dolphins win twice against the Pats in a single year. Those teams were stinky for large portions of time, but it’s crazy that not one of them swept the Patriots at least once over the course of two decades.

Here’s another number to provide some context:

Brady finished with negative fantasy points in my league, while Taysom Hill had 9.92, so that tells you everything you need to know.

The question is whether Brady is “cooked,” or whether the Saints were just that good on Sunday. The latter is definitely true, but to say Brady is “done” seems somewhat ridiculous, considering that the Bucs just won three straight games in which he threw eight touchdowns and zero picks. And he had a five-TD game earlier this season, playing for a new team at age 43, a team that is now 6-3 on the year.

You also have to roll your eyes when people say the Eagles’ Super Bowl 52 win was the nail in the Tom Brady coffin. That’s such a corny take. Brady went out the next season and threw 29 touchdowns en route to another ring, which included two wins over the Chiefs. That renders the Eagles take forever null and void. If Brady was permanently damaged by the Super Bowl 52 loss, he wouldn’t have gone out and won Super Bowl 53. We have fun with the memes and whatnot, but he has six rings and we have one.

He’s still the GOAT, and the “he’s washed” narrative is premature, but it’s always good to start out a Monday morning by dunking on Tom Brady.

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