Is Ben Simmons getting traded?

NBA Twitter had a pseudo-conniption when Ben’s sister, Olivia, tweeted this on Monday evening:

Uh, okay. Thanks for the clarification. I don’t know what any of that means.

At this point, a Ben Simmons trade would be a total surprise, based on what Daryl Morey said on draft night and then reiterated during a Monday appearance on Anthony Gargano’s show. Here’s what he told The Cuz about his superstar pair of Simmons and Embiid:

“Elton (Brand) and I, when we were planning, we know that Ben and Joel, plus shooting and spacing, just kills people. You don’t need evidence, you just need to look at the recent past. That was a big goal (creating spacing). We didn’t go in saying ‘we have to do X.’ This was one path we were hopeful could emerge, and it did.

We gotta get rid of that noise. Ben and Joel, we’re building around them. We know with shooting and spacing they’re dominant. We’re excited about that.

I think Sam Hinkie emerged from his groundhog hole, like he does once every four years, and he said it best. He said, ‘fans went through the Process to get these two guys.’ Why would people want to move off that? I know we don’t. Two superstars in their mid-twenties? That never happens.”

Executives lie all the time, but the way Morey has talked about both Embiid and Simmons makes it seem very highly unlikely that either guy will be moved. And if you listen to the audio of these clips, you notice that he’s basically laughing while talking, as if the notion of splitting up the pair is absurd.

And isn’t it nice to hear a Philadelphia sports executive very plainly lay out a roster building strategy? Baseline competency would seem like a prerequisite for this kind of job, but the Eagles and Phillies are currently failing in this department. Ernst Tanner, Chuck Fletcher, and now Daryl Morey are making the football and baseball teams look dopey in comparison.

But going back to sisters for a minute, here’s an anonymous take on Olivia Simmons and Anna Horford from an anonymous Twitter user who slid into my DMs:

“These siblings are losers on twitter. Mooches looking for attention.”

Agree or disagree?