“What is Pork Sandwich?” – Jeopardy Contestant Marvelously Flubs Philly Food Question

Nailed it!

Watch this Jeopardy contestant absolutely butcher an answer to a question about John’s Roast Pork:

Sorry, that’s my daughter making noise in the background.

Here’s a full transcript:

Alex Trebek: Hey youse guys! U.S. News raved about this sandwich from John’s Roast Pork in Philadelphia. Burt?

Burt: What is the chipped pork sandwich? The pork, pork sandwich pork roll? What is pork sandwich?

Trebek: None of the above. Devin?

Devin: What is a cheesesteak?

The chipped pork sandwich? The pork sandwich pork roll? Sounds tasty!

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