If you watched the Sixers game on television Tuesday night, you know that the piped in crowd noise was incredibly loud.

Inside the arena, “thunderous” might be a good descriptor. They had the volume cranked up so high that Spinal Tap would have been embarrassed. If those amps went to 11, these went to 250.

Jokes aside, the atmosphere in the Wells Fargo Center was remarkably similar to what we had experienced in years past. The drum line was there. Christian Crosby and the dunk squad were in the house. DJ Ghost was doing his thing. It seemed like a successful experiment in replicating the home court experience to the best of the front office’s ability.

Celtics head coach Brad Stevens took note of that when saying this post game:


Yeah, well lucky for him he dodged the woman in section 120 who screams “SIT DOWN BENCH WARMERS, GET ON THAT BENCH!” nonstop throughout the game. He didn’t have to worry the constant heckling that comes from above the visitor’s area, below 123. There were fewer distractions for the visiting team, but the experience was replicated in a pretty impressive fashion.

Of course this is all a work in progress. There will be tweaks along the way. Get used to this, though, because fans won’t be at the arena anytime soon.