Daryl Morey Fined $50,000 for Since-Deleted Tweet

Sixers news:

The “since deleted social media post” was totally harmless.

Yes, the rules say that general managers can’t tweet about players on other teams, but this particular post appeared to be an automated time hop of sorts, which harkened back one year to when James Harden became the all-time assist leader in Rockets franchise history.

It was immediately taken down, but here it is:

Whatever. Some people went into a dumb frenzy because they thought it was a James Harden bat signal, like the Sixers were gonna trade for him, but obviously that’s not what’s going on here. It was posted by a Twitter app that automatically goes through memories.

But Morey gets a $50k fine because the NBA takes tampering seriously. It’s the same amount Harden was fined for breaking COVID rules, so that’s what our priorities look like in 2020.

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