Blunt Doug Pederson on a Monday morning.

The Eagles head coach did his weekly call with 94 WIP and was asked by Jon Johnson (filling in for Angelo) if he feels like his job might be in jeopardy.

Said Doug:

“Listen, I don’t. I feel fully confident to be the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles in 2021. The thing that I’m the most proud of with this football team (is) we’ve been in the postseason three of the last five years since I’ve been here, and that’s pretty good. We’ve won a championship here. We’ve gone through a season where a lot of our veteran guys are not playing due to injury. We’re playing with a lot of young players. Yeah, there’s always going to be evaluation in the offseason. Obviously, my job is evaluated as well. But I fully expect to be the coach next season and I welcome that opportunity to get things right and get things fixed and take this team into next season.”

That’s pretty assertive. A strong take from Doug.

You could certainly make the case that good coaches have bad years. Andy Reid is a perfect example. Tom Coughlin and Pete Carroll had poor seasons. Knowing what we know about Jeffrey Lurie, he’s not going to jump at the chance to fire Doug Pederson after giving us the “emotional intelligence” speech from a few years back. He’s not going to jump at the chance to fire the guy who won this franchise its first Super Bowl.

Nor is he likely to fire Howie Roseman, and that might be the problem here. Lurie is loyal to Roseman, and I think he feels bad about sticking him storage closet B during the Chip Kelly years. It’s nice to commit to your coach and GM, but there has to be accountability somewhere, in some department, right? They fired some offensive guys last year and who else is there to fire underneath Doug and Howie? Jim Schwartz? Dave Fipp? Maybe that’s the direction they take.

Here’s the full audio: