Eagles Release Safety Will Parks

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Confirmed by the man himself on Twitter:

Does this make sense to anybody?

He picked up an injury in preseason, missed some time, came back, and then barely played. At Pro Football Reference, he’s listed as having only played 114 defensive snaps, which is about 14%. He sat on the bench behind other defensive backs and really only saw action when they played dime and/or went with three safeties, which was not frequent.

Parks is a Philly native and was looking forward to playing for his hometown team. He’s only 26 years old. He did make some public gripes about playing time on Twitter, so maybe that had something to do with his release, but who knows? I can think of 25 other players and/or coaches/personnel who should have been told to take a hike before Will Parks.

There must be more to this story.