What’s that expression about too many cooks in the kitchen? In the midst of a season when it’s been noted that Doug Pederson’s offensive gameplan might be adversely affected by too many voices taking part in a collaborative process, Mike Garafolo dropped some news on another voice being consulted in the Eagles’ front office:

Dorsey, of course, took over the Chiefs following a disastrous six-season stretch in which Kansas City went 29-67. If you remove the anomalous 2010 season -the Chiefs won the AFC West with a 10-6 record- the team went 19-61. He then went to Cleveland and was hired in early December 2017, while the Browns were on their way to a 0-16 record. Cleveland went 13-18-1 over his two seasons as GM, which included some key draft picks that have led to the emergence of the Browns as a legitimate AFC contender.

If it’s a GM job he wants, might I suggest the one in town. Jeff Lurie should rush to shove Howie Roseman back into whatever custodial closet he was thrust into during the Chip Kelly years.

Darius Slay is OUT

After some initial optimism that lockdown corner Darius Slay would play against DeAndre Hopkins and the Cardinals, he was officially ruled out via an oddly-worded tweet from the Eagles:

Strange that the most important player on that list would show up last, but to each their own I suppose.