Well this is a bummer.

Washington Capitals goaltender Henrik Lundqvist won’t be playing this season due to a heart condition.

Here’s his explanation via Twitter:

King Henry had been a royal thorn in the Flyers’ side for a long time, but he’s one of those guys you have a lot of respect for as a player. For me, he always fell into that Chipper Jones territory, like the dude who is just such a bitch to play against but you would love to have him on your team.

Lundqvist just wrapped up 15 seasons with the Rangers and this was to be his debut season with the Caps, signing a one-year deal following Braden Holtby’s departure to Vancouver. At age 38, Lundqvist is nearing the end of his career, and you’d like to see the guy go out on his own terms instead of having this heart condition force him into retirement.