This guy Thomas Petersen is always dropping quality Philadelphia Eagles video clips and statistics on Twitter. He’s should be a mandatory follow for Birds fans.

Wednesday, he published a Youtube video going over every single Jalen Hurts play from Sunday’s win against the New Orleans Saints, and it’s worth a watch if you get a lunch break or you’re supposed to be on a company-wide Zoom call but you’re not actually paying attention.

The clip:

Good stuff all around. Good play calling, good decision making. Hurts didn’t try to do too much and just played within himself, protected the football, and didn’t commit any big mistakes prior to the fumble near the end of the game.

You saw a lot of stuff that plays to his strength, like those zone reads and quick hitters in the flat. When you go back and look over his chart, there were only a handful of passing attempts that even went further than 15 yards down the field, but that’s okay, because a lot of what he was throwing was high-percentage, low-risk stuff. They went to the bread and butter mesh concept and did some more Nick Foles-esque stuff.

Only positive things from Hurts’ first NFL start. Looking forward to his second. Good breakdown here.