First reported by Mike Jensen at the Inquirer:

What happened here is that Nova was supposed to play #17 Virginia Saturday night at Madison Square Garden, but UVA had to pull out due to COVID-19. This was supposed to be the first college basketball game at MSG since the Big East Tournament in March, which was halted due to the pandemic.

So in steps St. Joe’s, to make possible the December 2nd Hawks/Wildcats game that was originally postponed.

St. Joe’s is 0-2 and playing Drexel Thursday evening, which will be their first game since November 27th. They, too, had COVID issues and lost a significant chunk of the early part of their season, but now they’re going to play a pair of local games before facing #10 Tennessee on Monday.

This game will take place at Villanova. The Wildcats are 6-1 this season and 2-0 in the Big East.