Holy cow we’ve got Stephen A Smith coming in HOT on Twitter. Fighting fire with fire.

Here’s his response to a guy who more or less called him an embarrassment who makes too much money:

Damn, lol. Stephen A didn’t hold back. He even channeled his inner Road Dogg Jesse James at the end there.

“Oh you didn’t know? Your ass better call somebody!”

On a more serious note, this type of claim comes up pretty frequently. Party X makes too much money, so they should make less money or give some of it to Party Y. They should “redistribute the wealth,” like Joe the Plumber and Barack Obama discussed back in the day.

We had a similar discussion recently when people were donation shaming billionaires because they felt like the charitable actions they were taking just weren’t good enough to help us through the COVID crisis. Darren Rovell ripped Jeff Bezos for donating $100 million to foodbanks, because the guy is worth a lot more than that. Maybe he’s right or maybe he’s wrong, but the at the end of the day $100 million is a lot of money that can do a lot of good. Rovell deleted his tweet.

In Stephen A’s case, he shouldn’t have to feel bad about making the money that he himself earned. He worked his way up the ranks, carved out a role on ESPN, and now does very well for himself. If ESPN is having money issues or going through layoffs and restructuring, that’s their problem. They gave Stephen A his contract in the first place. It’s not on Smith to come to the rescue and bail everybody out, unless he wants to pull an altruistic about face and prop up his colleagues instead (by the way, Dan Le Batard did that very thing with his producer and he ended up splitting with ESPN anyway).

Anyway, I just found it funny how hard Stephen A came at this guy. Maybe it was a little too harsh, but he pretty much put him in his place.

This is private sector Capitalism, and we can like or not like it, but it is what it is.