Crazy football game in the AFC North.

The Ravens hung to beat the Browns, on the road, in a contest that featured 35 fourth quarter points and 12 total touchdowns, which totally smashed the over.

But the big story on Action News is Lamar Jackson, who was seen entering the locker room late in the game, moving in what can only be described as a careful fashion. Twitter thought he might have to use the toilet:

Jackson came out after the game and denied the assertion that he had to relieve himself.

“Nah I was cramping,” he said. “I ain’t pull no Paul Pierce. I didn’t pull a Paul Pierce. I was cramping.”

Pierce, you’ll recall, admitted that he left game one of the 2008 NBA Finals because he had to poop. At the time, it was thought to be an injury, and he came back on the floor to lead the Celtics to a win.

Emmanuel Acho, the former Eagle, didn’t seem to buy Jackson’s explanation and issued this query:

These are good points. Is Jackson fibbing? Only he knows whether he was cramping or had to use the toilet.

Nice win for the Ravens. By far the most entertaining game of the year.