Gotta be honest, I’m trying to wrap it up around here, call it a week, and get back to spackling and painting in the basement.

But nooooo, we can’t have an easy day in Philadelphia sports. We had RADIO WARS on Tuesday and Wednesday, John Kincade gets the 97.5 morning gig on Thursday, and now we have Mike Missanelli and Jason Whitlock sniping each other on Twitter regarding the topic of “blackness” and the “white power structure.”

As far I can tell, it started with Mike responding to some Whitlock tweet that I can’t find. This is where we’ll pick up the exchange, with Whitlock quote tweeting Mike, who later deleted what he initially wrote:

Jesus. That was part one.

Part two is Whitlock quote-tweeting Mike’s response:

So here we have two “sports” guys talking about a very divisive and complicated socio-racial topic. Twitter certainly is not the best place for this kind of discussion, nor is Twitter the best place for any meaningful discussion at all. It’s probably best to just stay off Twitter entirely at this point, but neither of these guys can help themselves. They’ll both willingly step right into the shit.

This all goes way above our paygrade on a Friday afternoon, but the crux of the message is that Whitlock thinks Mike shouldn’t tell a black guy how to be black. The counter-angle is that a lot of people think Whitlock is a sellout who just rolls with Clay Travis as some kind of contrarian Conservative black guy, like he’s a traitor to his people or something along those lines. Mike is a progressive liberal who has been very active recently in the political forum, and based on what he tweeted, we can safely assume he believes this “sellout” narrative.

Either way, these two are like the world’s squarest peg and roundest hole. Put them together and you get a mixture that makes oil and water look good in comparison.