Remember when Nigel Bradham called Orlando Scandrick a snake after the mediocre cornerback was released by the Birds?

Said Bradham in 2019:

“He a Cowboy! He always been a Cowboy. He was a snake when he got here.” 

It was perfect. Scandrick is absolutely a snake – a slimy, slithering, belly-crawling, reptilian, cold-blooded Cowboy at heart who should have never been trusted in the first place. He should have never been allowed to wear the Midnight Green.

Scandrick ripped the Eagles on Undisputed last year, alongside Cowboy-lover Skip Bayless, and this week he was at it again, saying this about the Birds:

“You can bench (Carson) Wentz, fire Dougie P, but you still got the same little weasel snake picking the players. He has been God awful. You say Wentz doesn’t have any help, well how is he supposed to have help if you draft J.J. Arcega-Whiteside over DK Metcalf? Then we go to the offseason and we say ‘Wentz still doesn’t have any help’, and we draft Jalen Reagor who was a punt returner. He was basically known for being a punt returner at TCU over (Justin) Jefferson. It is time to blow the whole thing up. Blow it all up. Enjoy the Super Bowl, give him his Super Bowl ring, give him all the little nice pats on the back, call him a nice Uber XL and get him on out of there.

About a year ago I came on here, I was called bitter, upset. But I was truthful. You know what they say; they will forgive you for telling a lie, but they will hate you for telling the truth.”

Hmm.. well, Scandrick isn’t wrong, which is painfully difficult to admit. It makes me kind of throw up in my mouth a little bit. The line about Howie being a “weasel snake” is a bit harsh, but the Birds’ GM has had a very poor couple of seasons, post-Super Bowl.

But let’s not get this twisted; Scandrick is still a rat. He’s a cockroach Cowboy. That fact that he even played a single snap for this team fills me with shame. He has dishonored this great franchise.