Ring In The New Year with Propane Delivery by Cynch!

The holiday season is dwindling down with nearly every final present unwrapped. Yet, we’re mere days away from a moment the world is looking forward to: the end of 2020. While the New Year’s celebrations are sure to look different -with large parties and gatherings at bars being discouraged- this is the perfect year to take the celebration outdoors. What better way to ring in the new year than under the stars on your patio with a plate full of food from your grill and a fire pit and a couple of heat lamps to keep you warm?

But with so many people working from home with little-to-no motivation to venture to the local convenience store, how can you make sure you have propane for all of the festivities?

Thanks to our friends at Cynch, you won’t have to worry. That’s because Cynch’s propane home delivery service will come to your door, pick up your used tank, and leave a fresh propane tank on your porch, doorstep, or driveway.

If you racked up an outrageous credit card bill on presents for the family and are worried about paying a huge fee for such an incredibly convenient service, don’t! Cynch can get you hooked up for less than half the cost of a propane tank exchange at your local convenience or hardware store. If you are a new customer and use our promo code ITSLIT5, Cynch will come to your house, leave a fresh propane tank, and haul away your used tank for just $10*.

Maybe you’ve been rocking that propane grill through the summer, fall, and into the winter, but you’re finding it a bit too chilly to enjoy the fruits of your grilling labor. Cynch can even provide propane tanks to fuel your fire tables and patio heaters! Use our promo code ITSLIT5 and Cynch will bring a fresh propane tank to your home with no exchange needed for just $49.99.

Take advantage of this great promotion and use the time you’ll save to plan your outdoor New Year’s celebration. Let Cynch take care of all the hard labor and deliver your propane to you with the best contactless delivery experience in the business.

Utilizing propane in a variety of ways is what sets our friends apart from the rest of the industry.

Need a tank of propane for that new heat lamp you ordered? Cynch has you covered. Want to spend quality time under the stars with your family around the fire pit? Cynch has you covered.

Make sure to order your Cynch tank to be fully prepared for any scenario. They’ll even take away your old tank for free. Use our promo code ITSLIT5 to get your first tank exchange for only $10!

Thanks to a new delivery option, you won’t be required to put the tank on your front step. For a small fee, Cynch will now pick up a tank from alongside your house, in the side yard, or even your backyard! It doesn’t get any easier than that!

*Plus sales tax where applicable. Limited time offer. Cynch tanks contain 15lbs of propane. Certain restrictions apply. Click here for details. Offer valid in Cynch delivery areas only. Offer valid from receipt of promo code through May 31, 2021.

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