Let’s get it back to Wawa.

It’s been quite the year for everybody’s favorite Delaware Valley institution, everybody except Russ Joy and John Fetterman, who won’t shut up. These two feel the need to bring up Sheetz every time somebody even mentions Wawa.

Here’s yet another example:

Dude we get it. You love Sheetz. It’s the greatest gas station of all time. And they serve some okay food there. Okay if you love cholesterol.

The reason why Fetterman is up our butts again is because he was trashing the opening of Wawa’s first drive-through location, which is in Burlington County. Stephanie Farr at the Inquirer drove up there Friday morning and shared some photos for us, and man do they look beautiful:

Farr reports that there are three different menus, one for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

At Eyewitness News, they say there are new drive-through specific items like a burger and fries and pasta bowl. They have plans to expand in this area, and will open a drive-through in Falls Township in January. No word yet on whether there will be a drive-through at the worst Wawa location in the world, which is Aramingo Avenue.

But seriously, this is great. I don’t want to hear from Russ, or Mike Sielski, or John Fetterman, or any of these people who want to talk about how great Sheetz is or how the Wawa sandwich rolls just aren’t the same. Everybody jumped on this anti-Wawa contrarian bandwagon about a year ago because it was trendy to rip the place for some reason. That’s just a passing fad, and all of these poo-pooers will come back around and admit that they were wrong. They will admit that Wawa is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be, like Bret Hart.