CBS Executive Who Allegedly Disparaged Ukee Washington Placed on Administrative Leave

On Monday we shared some snippets from the LA Times story that contains allegations of racism and sexism involving CBS Corporate,  pertaining to Eyewitness News here in Philly.

In that story, it’s reported that racist language was directed towards veteran anchor Ukee Washington, which resulted in a strong rebuke from current and former employees and the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists, among other organizations.

Now two of the executives who oversee Eyewitness News and other CBS news operations have been suspended:

In the story, Dunn is accused of referring to Washington as “just a jive guy,” who did “jive talking.” There are allegations that he asked if an anchor candidate was “too gay for Philadelphia” and there are other unflattering stories about decision making regarding other talent. Quoted on record are the former Eyewitness News general manager and news director.

One of the strongest responses came from colleague Don Bell, who said this about Washington during the sports segment on Monday evening’s 5 p.m. show:


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