Charles Barkley Delivers a Preposterous COVID-19 Vaccine Take

Charles Barkley is typically a breath of fresh air in this stale world of cancel culture and political correctness. He typically throws caution to the wind and just tells it how it is. He calls it how he sees it.

Sometimes, however, he takes a swing and a miss, and in this case he looks like 2018 Chris Davis with this take:

Hmm, well that’s certainly an opinion.

Judging by responses to this video clip, people seem to disagree. They believe the vaccine should first go to front line health care workers, at-risk Americans, and folks doing essential jobs. Playing basketball and football certainly doesn’t qualify as essential.

The only real argument you could make to support Charles is convincing people that sport is a significant economic driver in the United States. If athletes/coaches/refs are vaccinated, and these leagues are humming along, then by proxy you’ve got fantasy sports and legal sports betting and the TV industry benefiting. Maybe it’s a boost in the mental health department since folks who are otherwise stuck at home and bored have something entertaining to watch.

That’s all I can think of. There really isn’t much of a case to be made otherwise, but if you’ve got an argument in support of Chuck, I’d love to hear it.

The other thing I enjoy about this video clip is how how Kenny Smith begins to explain to Barkley how the tax code works. People who make more money typically pay more in taxes! Unless they’re filthy cheats. In that case, Irwin R. Schyster is gonna find them:

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