Derrick Gunn with an update:


Good for Doug, honestly. Now he doesn’t have to deal with Howie Roseman, doesn’t have to lie in front of the media, and all of the pressure is off of his shoulders. He is free. Light as a feather.

The more I think about it, the more I think Doug would benefit from a year off. He’s getting paid by the Birds, so I would just chill. Maybe take a lame “consulting” job where you sort of work, but don’t really work. He could do a couple of mid-morning Zoom calls and give some advice, then head to Top Golf in Mt. Laurel at 3 p.m. daily.

If Doug really wanted control, and didn’t get it, then he could very well take his talents down South, where he played college ball. He could coach Southern Miss or his alma mater of Louisiana-Monroe and recruit the players he wants, hire the coaches he wants, and make that program his own. He’d only have to talk to some bumbling small-town newspaper guys and would live in relative peace and harmony.

For Doug Pederson, peace sells.

Update –

Here’s a statement from Doug P: