Duce Deserves Better

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Longtime Eagles Assistant Coach and ever the good soldier Duce Staley asked the Eagles for a release from his contract over the weekend, and if all is good with the world, Jeffrey Lurie and the franchise will grant him that release.

Let the Duce loose and let him take advantage of the interest he’s garnered from other franchises. They owe him that much. No need to keep a lame duck contract for an assistant coach who surely thought he had a chance to run the team.

It has become ever so apparent that there is no light at the end of the tunnel with Staley and the Eagles after the hiring of new head coach Nick Sirianni. Staley, a presence in the Eagles’ locker room for the better part of the last two decades (minus a three-year detour in Pittsburgh), has little to no future in Philadelphia after yet another regime change and another positive-but-short-lived interview to become the head coach.

There’s nothing for him in Philadelphia, and unlike other long-term holdover Jeff Stoutland, his value is far more with another team. He has no room to grow, no chance to be an offensive coordinator, and now has absolutely no chance to ever coach the team he gave so many great years too.

We don’t know what went on in this latest interview (and his interview in 2016 that ultimately went to Doug Pederson) but to survive under THREE separate coaching regimes since 2011 showed an elite level of adaptability and worth. I’m not sure it necessitates a shot at head coach, but not retaining Staley will surely impact a locker room that clearly loved him as a coach and will assuredly impact the fanbase who clamored for him to be considered for Pederson’s job.

It was clear the current locker room loved Staley, as several players lobbied for his promotion, and a number of former players publicly stated he should receive a shot. Members of the Eagles 2017 Super Bowl roster, LeGarrette Blount and Malcolm Jenkins, both stated Staley would be a good fit for the position:

In the end it didn’t amount to much, as Staley never seemed to be in serious consideration by Jeffrey Lurie to take over the position. Sirianni is in, Staley is in limbo, and the Eagles need to do what’s right. Let him out of his contract, let him find a new home and see if he can grow his career elsewhere.

It’s been fun Duce.

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