Emmanuel Acho Thinks Eagles Hired a “Puppet that Management Can Control”

Photo Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Former Eagle Emmanuel Acho was skeptical of the Nick Sirianni hire.

He pointed out Thursday that the new head coach has never been a head coach. Sirianni is 39 years old and has never called plays. The Colts’ offensive coordinator was a relative dark horse whose named hadn’t come up until about a week ago, and he was not regarded as a top candidate, or a candidate at all, for any of the six other NFL head coaching jobs.

Here’s Acho elaborating on that take, on Speak for Yourself:

There’s a decent amount of truth in there. I think we’d all agree that Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman wanted somebody who is going to listen to them. Somebody who understands that Roseman is in charge of player-personnel. Somebody who will defer to the bosses, unlike Doug Pederson, who wanted autonomy and wanted to do things his own way as a Super Bowl-winning coach.

And that’s what they have in Sirianni. He’s a young, offensive-minded guy who has a good track record with the quarterback position. He’ll come in, try to fix Carson Wentz, and clearly accept his role as the first-time head coach.

Acho, I think, is fair when he says “you can be unqualified and still succeed.” Eagles fans were very underwhelmed with the Pederson hire, and they seem to understand this hire, but they aren’t head over heels for Nick Sirianni. In that regard, maybe the pattern we see in the coming months will be similar to Doug’s first year with the team.

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