Remember when Oprah Winfrey gave everybody in her audience a car?

You get a car! 

You get a car!

You get a car!

That clip turned into an internet meme, and it’s relevant to the Eagles’ coaching search, because it seems like everybody out there is getting an interview. Josh McDaniels appears to be the leader in the clubhouse, but they’ve interviewed six other guys and now here’s another:

Frank Reich’s OC. Hmm… maybe he can fix Carson Wentz. He knew Reich from his San Diego days and has been the Colts’ offensive coordinator since 2018.

Another guy linked to the Birds is John Fassel, who is Jim’s son:

I’m cool with bringing the younger Fassel on board, but only if he goes on great rants in front of the media.

“Anybody wants out, get out. Okay? This team is going to the playoffs.”

On a serious note, don’t worry about the fact that they are interviewing everybody under the sun. It’s called due diligence. They might already have their guy, but they are casting a wide net in an effort to get to know as many people as possible, and perhaps bring them in as part of consideration for other jobs down the line. There is nothing wrong with taking your time and going through the process in this fashion.

If you’re an NFL coach, you get an interview! And you get an interview! Everybody gets an interview!