Fake Tough Guy Joe Judge has the Audacity to Lecture Doug Pederson

Football tough guy Joe Judge checking in. “Leader of men” and blah blah.

Here he is talking about all the sacrifices made by his team and other teams across the NFL, and then ripping into Doug Pederson and the Eagles for half-assing the Washington game and screwing the Giants out of the playoffs in the process:

Dude get over yourself. Your team won six games and you’re gonna come out here and give a stern lecture to a Super Bowl winner who actually played in the NFL. If you’re so angry about getting dicked over by the Birds, then go out next year and try to at least break the .500 mark.

Don’t come after Doug Pederson and the Eagles, who were looking out for their own best interests. You would do the same thing in that situation, and if not, then congratulations, you’re dumb. You win a moral victory.

So to reiterate, Doug Pederson doesn’t owe Joe Judge a fucking thing. The best case for the Eagles was to lose that game, and they lost the game.

Joe Judge needs to get over it. He’s a disgrace to the great city of Lansdale. He is NOT a Philly guy.

Edit –

Joe Judge is insufferable because he’s got that same smarmy and patronizing “football guy” style that James Franklin has. The “leader of men” tough guy shtick might be appropriate for 19 year old college players, but he sounds ridiculous speaking that way to other adults.