In These Difficult Times, Howard Eskin Always Finds the Right Words

Howard Eskin vs. technology (Photo Credit Nick Piccone)

This is a difficult time for America.

The COVID-19 pandemic rages across the country. Insurrectionists flood the United States Capitol building. Partisan bickering DIVIDES our great republic.

Thankfully, we have “The King,” Howard Eskin, to put things in perspective:

Man, that’s a great tweet. What a tie-in.

The United States Capitol was breached, and we need an outlet from this bitter divide. We should be able to find it Phillies baseball, but the Mets went out and got Francisco Lindor, so now we’re sad.

This tweet reminds me of the time Thom Brennaman was apologizing on air and then paused to call a home run. Talk about a pivot. I did not see Howard connecting Wednesday’s Capitol raid to the MLB offseason.


The King was not done. He also tweeted out this gem:

The double doing?

Come on, King, it’s the double doink! Doink with a k! Like Doink the Clown from the World Wrestling Federation.

Also, this did not happen two years ago today. It happened two years ago YESTERDAY.

Somebody needs to take Howard’s phone, and/or lock his Twitter account for 12 hours.

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