This isn’t a political post.

But we need an important question answered –

Is Joe Biden a Philly guy?

It’s pretty cool that the President of the United States of America is a PA/Delaware dude who enjoys Philadelphia sports. His wife, Jill, is a noted Philly sports diehard, so if he was on the fence at any point, he’s now kind of absorbed our teams by proxy. Biden was at Super Bowl 52 and has made numerous, regular appearances at other PHILA events over the years.

If you go through old pictures and interviews, you can link him to every Philly team, several times over.

Here he is wearing a Phillies hat on Jimmy Kimmel’s show:

Kimmel is a scumbag Mets fan. Total scuzz. Joe and Jill support the Phils.

Next, we’ve got the President at Super Bowl 52:


Pat Gallen loves this picture. I think he shares it once per week.

It’s a great photo, though. I’d frame it and put it on the wall, maybe share it with the students if you’re teaching journalism class and wanna show off.

Next, here is Joe presenting the game ball at a Delaware 87ers contest a few years back, on Beau Biden Foundation Night:

Biden also referenced Sixers head coach Doc Rivers in an October speech at Gettysburg.

Here, then, are the Bidens at a 2016 Flyers game:


Jill was born in Hammonton, and then moved to the PA suburbs (Hatboro and then Willow Grove), so that’s where the Philly love comes from.

And finally, here’s Joe in Union gear, at the team’s first ever home game. Lincoln Financial Field back in the spring of 2010:

Photo Credit: Philadelphia Union

The security detail around the Linc was FIERCE that day. Secret service everywhere. A few thousand fans missed the first half entirely, missed the first couple of goals, and only got to see about 50 minutes of action.

So now we’ve established the following:

  1. Biden is from Scranton
  2. he lives in Wilmington
  3. his wife is from South Jersey and grew up in Philly’s PA suburbs

Is Joe Biden a Philly guy?

You tell me.