Don’t tell Russ, but “The Bodyguard” isn’t done yet. Of course we’re talking about Jason Peters, not the 1992 film starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston.

Peters, who turns 39 in a few days, is interested in playing another NFL season, though he admits it might not be in Philadelphia.

This is what he said when Action News caught up with him recently:

Peters broke his silence, telling Action News he played half the season with a broken toe and it became too painful and affected his play.

Peters, who elected to have toe surgery, says he’s want to come back for an 18th season to chase another Super Bowl ring, but it might not be with the Eagles.

“Fans deserve more than what we gave them this year. Hopefully, we’ll be able to bounce back with this new coach and new staff. I’m gonna play one more year, try to get me another ring. Probably won’t be in Philly, unfortunate but try to choose a team and get another ring.”

Everybody knows it’s time for Jason Peters to hang ’em up. Everybody but Jason Peters.

He’s battled through myriad injuries in recent years, can’t stay on the field, and has turned in steadily declining performances in that time frame. The only reason he returned to Philadelphia last year is because of the season-ending injuries to Andre Dillard and Brandon Brooks.

On the other hand, it’s admirable that JP wants to continue to compete, and continue to play as he approaches the big 4-0. You’ll find a ton of respect for him among local fans and media, and throughout the NFL. He’s a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame, but you have to wonder if these latter years are damaging his career. Jason Peters is kind of like that band that releases 3-4 badass albums, then goes on to drop a couple of clunkers down the road. You’ll always play those early albums, and ignore the crappy albums, but they’re still listed on the discography. They still exist and you can’t strike them from the history books.

In that regard, Jason Peters is Green Day.