Nelson Agholor Reportedly Told His Teammates that they Suck

The Raiders really underwhelmed this year, UNLIKE AGHOLOR, who had a fantastic rebound season in Las Vegas.

The ex-Bird caught 48 passes for a career-high 896 yards and matched the eight touchdowns he scored during the Eagles’ 2017 Super Bowl run. It was a mid-career renaissance for the 20th overall pick in the 2015 NFL draft.

Apparently Agholor was annoyed with his team’s lackluster performance down the stretch, and according to Vic Tafur at The Athletic, stood up in front of the squad and told them that they suck:

Agholor, in the words of teammates, was pissed. The receiver walked to the middle of the locker room before coach Jon Gruden addressed the team and started screaming at them.

Agholor, according to those in the room, said his teammates were selfish and didn’t work hard enough, and that they had quit against the Dolphins as well as in the previous two losses. He said there was no accountability in the locker room, and on winning teams players play for one another and the coaches. The Raiders’ performance over the previous six games was unacceptable, and too many people within the team were just flat-out accepting it.

Agholor told his teammates that they sucked.

That’s awesome. Good for him. He had a career-year in 2020, so he is justified in telling those other losers that they are, indeed, losers (they are). They folded like a cheap suitcase. Put up the resistance of a wet paper bag. Those guys just bottled it and started playing terrible football, UNLIKE AGHOLOR, who was out there busting his butt and working his tail off on a one-year “prove it” deal.

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