Nick Sirianni’s first Eagles press conference was all over the place. He was nervous, excited, enthusiastic, and boring, all at the same time. Not sure how that’s possible, but we were presented with all four of those things in one single media availability.

Unfortunately it ended on a rather disappointing note, but one that shouldn’t surprise us. Sirianni was intentionally vague about most topics on Friday but confirmed straight-up that Howie Roseman is 100%  running the personnel show.

Here’s the exchange:

Jimmy Kempski (PhillyVoice): On final cut downs, will you have say over the 53-man roster, and then on gameday will you have say on the 48-man roster? And how interested are you in being a part of the conversation in terms of free agent acquisitions and the draft?

Nick Sirianni: Howie has final say over the 53. I believe I have the say over the 47 on gameday, of what we need to go through the game and the pieces that we need. As far as picking the players and helping to pick the players, I really look forward to working with Howie and his staff to help get the players in here that help fit to what we want to do offensively and defensively. We work with what we have, but there are players where it’s like, ‘okay this player has the skill set, we’d love to use him for these couple of things that we’ve had success with in the past.’ So really looking forward to first, evaluating our team, and doing that with Howie, having those conversations about what we need as an offense, what skillset for the things we want to do offensively and defensively. Really looking forward to doing that with him because the best organizations I’ve been on are the ones that work together on that.


We knew this already, but getting confirmation from the 39-year-old head coach is like a kick in the stomach, followed by a Rock Bottom. And then we’re laying prone on the ground and suffer a People’s Elbow. It’s Howie Roseman and Jeffrey Lurie’s world and Nick Sirianni is just coaching the guys he’s given.

If we’re gonna be stuck, let’s hope 2017 Howie shows up again, and not the one who last year reached for a receiver in the first round, drafted a QB in the second round, and then went for a project linebacker in the third round.