Reminder: Doug Pederson was Regarded as a Boring and Underwhelming Hire

Photo credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Josh McDaniels’ name is floating around out there. Is he the next Eagles coach?

That would seem underwhelming on the surface. McDaniels burned out quickly in Denver, reneged on the Colts, and stayed in New England. Is he really gonna be able to work under Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman in Philadelphia? Fix Carson Wentz?

Who knows. We really don’t know anything. Stuff that sounds good on paper might turn out to be terrible in real life. Likewise, consensus awful hires can turn out great.

Hires like Doug Pederson:

Looking back now, the responses to that tweet are hilarious.

Here are some of the good ones:

Pretty good lol. We really nailed it back then. Doug, who was the most boring and unexciting hire of all time, ended up winning the first and only Super Bowl in franchise history.

Maybe Josh McDaniels is the same guy. Maybe Arthur Smith ends up being a huge bust. It’s impossible for us to tell, but the point of the article is that we went through this same underwhelming situation five years ago and did pretty well. Perhaps it will work out for Eagles fans again.

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