Report: Seth Curry COVID Positive as Sixers Remain in New York

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

A late night Woj bomb, but not a good one:

Curry didn’t play last night because of an ankle injury. He was actually on the bench for the first quarter, and then Woj says he left the court upon learning about the positive test.

At ESPN, Woj, then wrote the following:

The Sixers are staying overnight in New York and will commence contact tracing Friday morning, sources said. The team will do a new round of testing Friday in accordance with the NBA’s health and safety protocols.

(Joel) Embiid, who has a 3-month-old son, told ESPN he plans to self-quarantine from his family until he is satisfied he didn’t contract the virus.

Curry, who was wearing a mask, was actually sitting next to Embiid on the bench when Joel came out of the game. Sam Cassell was on his other side and Dwight Howard spent some time in the vicinity, two seats over.

Kyle over at Philly Voice pulled a couple of screen grabs and shared them on Twitter. Here’s one:

That’s Curry standing up, with the blue pants on. He was in the front row, while most of his teammates were in the second row, though Howard and Embiid sat to his left at times.

Obviously it’s not great news for the Sixers, who also lost the game and didn’t play well. They were scheduled to play Denver on Saturday, at home, and then had the Hawks, Grizzlies, and two games against the Heat coming up next week.

If Curry had COVID prior to Wednesday’s win against Washington, it obviously did not affect his athletic performance. He shot 11-14 and hit six of seven three point attempts in a season-high 28 point effort. The Sixers really missed his shooting in Brooklyn on Thursday night, and now we’re not sure when he’s going to be back.

Whatever happens, it’s not gonna be good. Even if the Sixers are cleared to resume playing, it’ll be without their best shooter. And if they aren’t cleared, then they have to shut it down for a bit and let the NBA find a way to reschedule these games they’re going to miss.

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