Rest Easy, the Nick Sirianni Introductory Press Conference is Finally on the Schedule

Photo Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

One of the dumbest things you saw on social media this past week was people criticizing the Eagles for delaying Nick Sirianni’s opening press conference.

He was hired one week ago today, and officially announced as the head coach on Sunday morning. Since then, we’ve got reported news of some coaching hires, and the Eagles have shared some media clips of Sirianni visiting the NovaCare Complex and walking into his new office and all of this other shit that nobody really cares about.

What the people want is ANSWERS! Who is the starting quarterback?! What’s the plan for the draft?! Does Carson Wentz want a trade?!

They have DEMANDED the press conference and now they are getting it:

It’s not that big of a deal. Yes, the new head coach should address the media (and fans by proxy), but we’re gonna hear from Nick Sirianni about 400 times this season, so don’t fret; we’ll get plenty of microphone time with the head coach.

If we’re being honest with ourselves, this is probably priority #100 on a list of 100 priorities. Number one is getting a coaching staff in place. Number two is sorting the QB situation and speaking with Wentz and Jalen Hurts. Number three is connecting with the scouting and personnel departments and sorting out the free agency and draft plan. Speaking with reporters via Zoom call is dead last on the checklist of things to do.

Like Jay-Z, Nick Sirianni has 99 problems, but this is not one of them.

Yeah, it’s true that the Eagles aren’t doing well in the external morale department right now. Supporters are really down on the team, and the Birds would benefit from getting in front of the media to elaborate on their plan and gives an open and honest description of the short-term outlook.

But you’ve got a first-time head coach coming into a new situation and you’re not going to shove him in front of a microphone before getting everybody on the same page and making sure he doesn’t flub the presser and say something stupid. This “delayed” press conference basically just allows Sirianni to get everything in order and go into his first meeting with the VICIOUS and BLOODTHIRSTY Eagles media corps as a prepared man.

Likewise, PR folks prep their coaches, players, and executives on a daily basis. They share press clippings and hold pre-media meetings, just to make sure their people aren’t blindsided by a question or topic that they don’t see coming. It’s like when the President of the United States gets a briefing, only this is much less important, because it’s football we’re talking about.

That is all. We’ll hear from the new coach and see what he has to say. It’s not a “Friday news dump” because we’ll be talking about it well into next week’s media cycle. And by the way, the NFL doesn’t like teams doing their own press during Super Bowl week, so Friday afternoon was the time to schedule this, or else it would have be put off for another week entirely, and then people would be REALLY mad.