Sal Pal is Totally Off His Rocker and Needs to Stand Down

via ESPN Press Room

Some people do not favor tanking. It ruins the “integrity of the game” and is an AFFRONT to all of the values we hold dear in this country. We were taught by our fathers that you always “try your hardest” and “give it your best shot,” and whatever other cliche lines we were force-fed as children.

We are on the record at Crossing Broad as supporting the tank due to practical reasons of draft position jockeying. We’d prefer not to tank, as losing on purpose is less than desirable, but it’s not that big of a deal. It’s not Russian collusion or Hillary’s emails. This is not the Iran-Contra affair.

Sal Paolantonio disagrees and wants the NFL to take action, which is insane:

A snippet of the exchange:

Sal Pal: “If I’m the NFL, Roger Goodell, I’m putting on my Kenesaw Mountain Landis pants right now. I’m doing a forensic investigation of what went down.”

Dan Patrick: “You’re being serious?”

Sal Pal: “Totally.”

This is too much. Sal Pal is all over the place. Ron Rivera? Alex Smith? Sadness? He’s out here talking about football like we’re bringing peace to the Middle East or battling COVID-19 on the front lines. It’s not that dramatic and it’s not that important. The integrity of the game of football will not suffer because the fucking Eagles decided to improve their draft positioning. Tens of millions of people will still watch the playoffs next week. They won’t burn their jerseys or denounce their Philadelphia fandom. This gross romanticizing of sport is so over the top and non-pragmatic that it makes normal heads hurt.

Sal Pal is out of line and needs to stand down.